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It’s been a pretty intense week for me, and I ran into a problem today when I was trying to write. Everything I wanted to write about was so personal that I don’t feel comfortable posting it here. I scanned the greater blogosphere, but nothing jumped out at me as good writing fodder.

So I’ll just take a moment to ponder the boundaries of blogging in general and this blog in particular.

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The Freedom to Define Freedom

This one’s actually from yesterday, but since I posted about rain then I figured I’d save it for today. As a bonus, if I write about them a day behind I have a spare day in case I hate the topic and don’t have any ideas on my own.

Topic #269:

What is freedom? When do you feel most free in your job? In your day? Least free? When is it better to not be free?

Ah, freedom. A complicated concept, made especially murky since it’s become a buzzword. (Some part of me feels sad that my spellcheck recognizes “buzzword” but not “spellcheck”) Freedom is one of those words that implies more than it says. It can be difficult to define clearly even when used in fairly specific terms. For example “you have freedom to travel” could mean as little as “it’s legally possible for you to travel”, while it implies more, in this example generally that such travel would be relatively easy and without interference or molestation. (Make your own joke here) Read the rest of this entry

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