Oh look, more angry depressing shit

A friend sent me this link, calling it “blog fodder”. I guess that much is true, but sometimes you read something and just want to kill the messenger.

Georgia passed the “Women as Livestock” bill. I had to check the date on that, but it says March 31 so I guess there’s not much hope that it’s just a very bad April fools prank. It bans all abortions past 20 weeks. There was a slight concession made for cases when the fetus was dead, not expected to survive, or likely to kill or physically injure the woman. What she wants, how she feels about things, her own pain and suffering? Irrelevant, they aren’t addressed at all. She’s just a vessel, nobody cares about her wishes.

For extra fun, they stipulate that during an abortion procedure the fetus must emerge alive. Seriously, these shitheads give us the bullshit line of “fetal pain”, and then set up the law to cause as much as possible.

Man, fuck Georgia.

It’s worth mentioning that actual livestock will generally be treated about like this, which is much better than the original bill which lacked any exceptions at all. Rep. Terry England (R-Auburn) is either a very bad farmer or a lying sack of shit.

I want somebody to fucking explain this shit to me. Seriously, how the hell can anybody support this? In a world already filled with human suffering what kind of fucking monster goes out and finds new and interesting ways to make more? Don’t you assholes have any women in your lives? Have you no mothers, wives, or daughters? Are you completely incapable of caring about the suffering of people who aren’t you?

I suppose the important word there is “people.” It’s obvious to anyone who’s seen the video of him arguing for it that Terry England doesn’t see women as people. I can only assume that he represents the position of those worthless fuckwits that make up the Georgia senate.

Maybe we’ve been looking at this the wrong way, I mean it seems unlikely that you’re going to get anywhere arguing for human rights with people who don’t consider women human. How about playing to their racism? Do you realize, Shithead England, that if your daughter is raped by a black man this bill will force her to give birth to a dirty mulatto? You’d have a half-breed in your family and only yourself to blame!

Of course, the truth is he doesn’t give a fuck. For all the “moral conviction” bullshit these assholes spew, when someone in their family needs an abortion, they get them one. Sometimes that means taking them out of state, or even out of country. Then they rationalize how the usual rules don’t apply to their special case, in this one instant it was right and moral, it’s only all those other women who are dirty whores who deserve to carry their filthy bastards to term. Then when they can’t afford to raise the kid on their own and need government assistance, they’re lazy welfare queens.

Right, I’m off to chug a bottle of cheap hooch. Fuck.

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