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Let’s force doctors to lie to their patients!

Seriously, Kansas, what gives? The abortion/breast cancer link is nonexistent, it isn’t real. Are you so ethically bankrupt that you just don’t care?

If you don’t feel like clicking, the linked article is about a Kansas bill that would change tax code to make abortions more expensive and force doctors to tell the lie that a link has been found between abortion and breast cancer.

I can sort of understand how people could be so opposed to abortion, if I imagine that a blastocyst  is a complete person and a woman isn’t, then clearly abortion would be murder. (I’m not sure what to call a miscarriage in that scenario.) But I really can’t understand the dishonesty, the willingness to lie for this cause. That feels like the act of someone who doesn’t really care about truth or reality, but has simply picked a side and is out to “win” no matter what.

And I am totally, utterly baffled by the sheer volume of hate directed at Planned Parenthood, one of the few organizations I’m aware of that seems to make the world a better place to live in with no downside I can see. Is this because the propaganda and misinformation is effective? I hear crazy conspiracy theories like PP provides false information and faulty birth control so that women will get pregnant and then PP will lie and hard-sell them into getting abortions so that PP can make huge profits from taxpayer’s money!

This scenario is so divorced from reality that I can only assume the people who believe it don’t think very hard about it and also have never actually set foot inside a Planned Parenthood building. And also haven’t noticed that it’s illegal to use government funds for abortions, for some damn reason.

Since this post has wandered into the area, I’ll take a moment to talk about what Planned Parenthood actually does. They provide sex education, STD testing and treatment, contraception, prenatal care, and a wide variety of general and reproductive health services for women and men, and also people who aren’t so easily defined. Including, yes, abortion.

They take good care of people, and it’s really hard for me to see that as a bad thing.

Oh look, more angry depressing shit

A friend sent me this link, calling it “blog fodder”. I guess that much is true, but sometimes you read something and just want to kill the messenger.

Georgia passed the “Women as Livestock” bill. I had to check the date on that, but it says March 31 so I guess there’s not much hope that it’s just a very bad April fools prank. It bans all abortions past 20 weeks. There was a slight concession made for cases when the fetus was dead, not expected to survive, or likely to kill or physically injure the woman. What she wants, how she feels about things, her own pain and suffering? Irrelevant, they aren’t addressed at all. She’s just a vessel, nobody cares about her wishes.

For extra fun, they stipulate that during an abortion procedure the fetus must emerge alive. Seriously, these shitheads give us the bullshit line of “fetal pain”, and then set up the law to cause as much as possible.

Man, fuck Georgia. Read the rest of this entry

The Hypocratic Oath in Texas.

By now you may have heard about this week’s Doonesbury storyline, the one that many newspapers aren’t publishing. Here’s a link to the beginning of it, you can click on the strip itself to see a larger image. Just click through and read it.

All done? Good, now read this actual account of an actual woman going through that actual nightmare. Especially if you’re Texan, Republican, or male, don’t make excuses, fucking read it. Imagine it, try to visualize going through that. Imagine someone you love having to do that. Read the rest of this entry

Making others live by your rules

I’d meant to just toss that video up with a short paragraph and call it a day for blogging, but I foolishly clicked a link I saw on Twitter. I’m going to quote the bit that made me too angry to do anything more productive than this.

Asserting conscientious objections, nurses in New Jersey have said they would not check the vital signs of patients recovering from abortions.

I want to make it crystal fucking clear what I’m seeing here. I’m seeing that nurses, people who are well-trained professionals in taking care of sick or injured people, will not make the basic checks necessary for the safety and well-being of their patient if they don’t like the procedure that patient is in for. And they’re calling it a decision of “conscience”, apparently without irony.

How dare you call that conscience? The word should die on your tongue. Read the rest of this entry

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