Let’s force doctors to lie to their patients!

Seriously, Kansas, what gives? The abortion/breast cancer link is nonexistent, it isn’t real. Are you so ethically bankrupt that you just don’t care?

If you don’t feel like clicking, the linked article is about a Kansas bill that would change tax code to make abortions more expensive and force doctors to tell the lie that a link has been found between abortion and breast cancer.

I can sort of understand how people could be so opposed to abortion, if I imagine that a blastocyst  is a complete person and a woman isn’t, then clearly abortion would be murder. (I’m not sure what to call a miscarriage in that scenario.) But I really can’t understand the dishonesty, the willingness to lie for this cause. That feels like the act of someone who doesn’t really care about truth or reality, but has simply picked a side and is out to “win” no matter what.

And I am totally, utterly baffled by the sheer volume of hate directed at Planned Parenthood, one of the few organizations I’m aware of that seems to make the world a better place to live in with no downside I can see. Is this because the propaganda and misinformation is effective? I hear crazy conspiracy theories like PP provides false information and faulty birth control so that women will get pregnant and then PP will lie and hard-sell them into getting abortions so that PP can make huge profits from taxpayer’s money!

This scenario is so divorced from reality that I can only assume the people who believe it don’t think very hard about it and also have never actually set foot inside a Planned Parenthood building. And also haven’t noticed that it’s illegal to use government funds for abortions, for some damn reason.

Since this post has wandered into the area, I’ll take a moment to talk about what Planned Parenthood actually does. They provide sex education, STD testing and treatment, contraception, prenatal care, and a wide variety of general and reproductive health services for women and men, and also people who aren’t so easily defined. Including, yes, abortion.

They take good care of people, and it’s really hard for me to see that as a bad thing.

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  1. It’s always infuriated me that any one individual or any organization would consider it reasonable or appropriate to dictate the outcome of such a personal choice as any made regarding reproductive freedom – it touches religion (personal choice and worship of your god(s)/goddess(es) is ostensible a protected freedom), it touches financial planning and budgeting and use of personal resources (and seems a decision which people think is entirely acceptable to make for someone else in those areas), it touches sex and sexuality and gender identity – those also seem pretty damned personal and individual to me. What gives? No one yet has been able to explain to me why their opinion regarding conception/life/birth/motherhood is reasonable to force on me, in lieu of my own. It is an interesting observation that the undeveloped fetus, for some people, has more value and more ‘life’ than the mother bearing the decision (and ultimately the child)! How brutal is that? Women are worth nothing, entitled to no consideration, and don’t even have an easy win making their own medical decisions – but a couple of cells in a uterus are permitted to enable entire groups of people to tell that woman how she spends her future, her money, what she can/can’t do with her body… it’s bullshit. Her body, her choice. Her money, her choice. Her years of life to plan ahead of her, her choice.

    It seems so obvious…

  2. WHAT is happening to this country? WHY don’t people get their facts straight about about Planned Parenthood? I would not be surprised if the children of these pulpit-people are in fact taking advantage of the anonymous services Planned Parenthood provides since sex education is so taboo at home.

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