Too hot to sleep, write, or think. But there must be search terms!

So it’s the fifteenth again, time to take a look at the search engine queries that lead people to my blog. Haven’t been feeling up to much writing lately, I think the heat’s been roasting my mind. Plus most of the stuff that I feel I have something to say about is really, really depressing.

Anyway, let’s get this done. As usual, the search terms are bold while my commentary is italic.

sandor sansa fanfic Considering how many hits I get for this stuff, I should really write the damn fic. There were five or six variations on this that turned up, but I’m skipping the rest.

19th century sex videos I still want to see one. I mean genuine footage from the 19th century of people having sex. I’m sure some was shot, motion picture technology existed for a few years at the end, and people are people.

sex vdo I’m starting to wish I had an easy way to tell search engines not to include these search engine posts, it sort of makes a feedback loop where I get people searching for something finding a post like this about people searching for something…

nudephotorevolutionary How often can you fight for social justice and be naked at the same time? 

leo tarvi It always makes me happy to see that, because I my name is so unique that I’m certain they came here searching for me. Welcome!

the trader of stories – a grain of truth Was an awesome game, I can’t wait for the next one!

“powered by wordpress”the fundamental concepts of islam I think the part that really puzzles me about this is that it was searching for one that used WordPress. I suppose they may have been looking for a specific blog and trying to narrow it down by what they could remember. That would make sense. 

human fucking Ah yes, it’s for aliens with a fetish, you see. Hot humanoid action!

dick puns It can be hard to come up with an original dick pun, you tend to see the same old boring flaccid examples rising again and again…

improv bedtime story Clearly, the world needs more improv bedtime stories! 🙂

19 century sex vidio Just remember, if you find one send me a link!

vagina sized I’m feeling a strange twist of pride that this led to my blog. Seriously!

one of the more impressive blogs ive seen. thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. youve got style, class, bravado. i mean it. please keep it up because without the internet is definitely lacking in intelligence. I almost hurt myself laughing at this one! 

19th century sex blog Now that’s just silly, clearly that couldn’t exist. While blogging is a fine old tradition dating back to the age of Charlemagne, everyone knows there was no sex in the 19th century.

leo bravado Bravado, really? I don’t think so, but do let me know if I start to act that way!

doctors without borders catholic I suppose the reason Catholics don’t like MSF is that they not only provide medical care for the general public, but they also treat, you know, “lady issues”.

facebook cover child abuse I wonder what that one was looking for? Interesting. 

the big old tree that dreams It’s wonderfully imaginative, a beautiful alien world that I want to know more about!

beyond the supernatural adventures Ooh, were you looking for modules to play in the RPG setting by Palladium Games? I’d forgotten all about that! Fun stuff!

5/20/2012 eclipse My pictures aren’t very good, but here they are

0x17h twitter This one intrigues me because I’m sure I’ve seen that hex number on Twitter somewhere. Can’t remember though and I’m far too lazy right now to search for it. 

19th centuries sex videos Don’t give up the search!

transit of venus and leo 2012 I wish I’d had a bigger scope and a tripod, but I still got a neat photo of the transit projected on the shadow of my hand.

venus transit for leo’s For Leo’s what? 

anger dehumanizes me It dehumanizes all of us, really. Strips us back down to hairless apes chattering at each other. It’s okay to feel that, but important not to let it dictate your actions. Do something constructive with your anger, make good art or insult politicians on your blog. 

internet public domain images I’m lazy, I usually just copy them from Wikipedia. It would probably be a smart idea for me to perform this search myself and find a good archive or two for future use. 

kansas pastor says government should kill gays One of the more revolting things I’ve seen this year, and up against some stiff competition. I’m a little amazed at how these guys just straight up copy the Nazis, concentration camps and murder, let’s go! In one of the articles I linked to, another pastor said that wasn’t the right way, pastors shouldn’t preach such things, and then said that he felt like he wanted to kill all the gays, just that it wasn’t our place as mere mortals to mete out such judgement. Just boggles the mind.

whois Oh I forgot about them, I should check up on that!

19th century sex jornual Search for “My Secret Life”, I’m tired of linking now.

see beyond themselves Something everyone should try to do.

pastor curtis knapp Fucking monster.

19th century sex fucking videos Soon to join fanfic in the list of things I mention once and then delete other references to. Yeah. 

fj lawyer wants to stop fundraiser Petty vindictiveness, disgusting.

charles carreon Not really any point in insulting him, his own actions speak louder than any invective I’m capable of. 

lisa howell namt I have no idea what “namt” could possibly be. There’s a National Alliance for Musical Theatre that uses that acronym. 

kansas pastor preaching hate Maybe we should give these assholes more attention, not less. Get people talking about them, say very clearly that “this is not okay”. On the other hand, that might work against any humanist ideals in the long run, since people tend to assume that pastors know what God wants. And once people think they know the mind of God, they stop thinking. It doesn’t matter how horrible it is, if it’s what God wants then it’s right and just and should be done. Obedience to God, even if it turns you into a monster.

hell,tennesee Is that a place? I know there’s more than one town named “Hell” just in the United States, but I don’t know where exactly. Here’s the post that led to, I wonder how they felt about that. 

matthew inman+funnyjunk I’ll be interested to see what happens next in this. Seems unlikely that an actual lawsuit would happen based on what I’ve seen, but I haven’t exactly dug deep into this matter. Clearly in the court of public opinion Funnyjunk is losing badly. 

necked in eygept I’ve never necked in Eygept. In fact, there’s been very little necking in my life lately, what a shame!

“our court has silenced any such respectful conversation,” judge diarmuid o’scannlain I already said this in the post I made, but it’s worth repeating. The gay marriage issue has never been respectful conversation. Ever. Much the way the good ole boys tried to defend public swimming pools from black people, they’re now trying to defend marriage from gay people. It was wrong then, it’s wrong now. Public participation in society is not something that needs to be defended against.

There’s another month gone. I have a couple posts in mind, but I’m tired and it seems unlikely that I’ll get anything written tonight. Still falling behind on my post count, which sucks. I was actually catching up for a while there. Anyways, have a good night everyone.

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