Screw you, existing customers

Wound up looking at cell phone plans today for reasons too boring to mention, and I saw that my carrier (T Mobile, whom I’ve been very happy with for the most part) offers a new plan that’s similar to mine, but generally better and only slightly more expensive. I was actually starting to do the math to decide if I wanted to change to it when I read the footnote which informed me that this plan was “New activations only.”

It’s things like that that make me feel you should get one free hit on marketing people before it’s considered assault. Daily.

I understand the desire to bring in new blood, (well, new money) but it really does feel like a slight to those of us who’ve been with them for a while. Oh well, I guess we’re all pretty used to corporate douchbaggery by now.

Yeah, I was just venting. Look, I’m way behind on my post count here, so any excuse to get something written is good enough for me right now!

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