Wishes really do come true!

I had two separate dreams where my dog was hit by a car this morning, so it’s more of a relief than usual that I woke up to find something cool.

The Digital Cuttlefish is an anonymous rhymesmith, and probably my favorite person that I know nothing about. Seriously, I know Cuttlefish teaches at a university, and I’m pretty sure lives in the eastern half of the United States, to the north. I think xe is male, but that’s little more than a guess based on universities still being mostly a boy’s club and my own biases. That’s about it.

Anyway, Cuttlefish had some time to kill and created a car sticker out of his logo, posting a picture of it with a joke that this product was clearly missing from EvolveFISH.com‘s inventory. Then this happened.

I love the internet.

Since Cuttlefish wants to be anonymous, obviously the more people who buy these and put them on their cars, the better, so here’s the link!

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