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Running a little late on my search terms post this month, but I do have the proper list. I’ve been getting a feedback loop on certain topics. Every time they’re included in a search term list that I post, they become more likely to turn up in someone’s search. Been trying to work out a way to exclude the search term posts from indexing, which is taking longer than I expected. In the meantime I’m just going to skip terms that I’ve seen over and over.

As usual, searches are in bold while my commentary is italic

odin slew He certainly did! When you get down to it, Odin was a war god. A fairly benevolent one, as they go, but still a war god. 

too hot to sleep It’s cooled off a bit, thankfully. Today’s high is 88 degrees, almost jacket weather! 

would you be tired of talking about deceased Yes, I would. But I don’t dare stop, lest people forget. 

the big old tree that dreams games Are awesome.

fucking monsters Are still given far too much influence. We’re getting better, but as a whole humanity is still a bunch of violent apes. I don’t see what we can do except keep trying to improve and educate ourselves. 

what is the leo pentagram symbol That search certainly gives interesting results!
I’m guessing they were looking for the proper sigil to represent the constellation Leo in a magick ritual. From my quick search it looks like the classical astrological symbol is used pretty universally for those purposes, though the color is important. (It was red in every instance I saw, but again that was a quick glance.) I seem to recall that personal associations matter more than classical ones, so if you strongly associate a different color with whatever Leo represents in your invocation you should use that instead, but I’m probably not the person you should be listening to on this subject. I do hope you enjoyed my brief rundown of various ways the pentagram has been used, though!

murder program I’m a little disturbed that this phrase led to my blog, but I suppose there are worse places to read about such things. Of course “not being murdered” is part of the Radical Homosexual Agenda™.

guilt is a hell of a thing I didn’t show up in the first dozen pages of this search, but there’s clearly a lot of discussion on the subject, so I may have been higher a month ago. I wonder what they were looking for.

neat sexual adventures Sadly, not a common theme on this blog. Not likely to become one, either, that falls under the category of “way too personal” for this blog.

openboth females I’m really, really curious, but I’m not sure I want to know…

global flood of 2400 bc Pure fiction. There’s just no way that happened without being really obvious. 

human fucking style I’m not sure what they meant, but I love the phrase!

long human fucking As opposed to short human fucking or brief human fucking? Please be more specific!

freaky sex roles Whatever they were looking for, I’m sure they were disappointed by my blog!

though my soul may set in darkness it will rise in perfect light flickr I love that line, and the one after it. I’m a little puzzled by “flickr” though, especially since my blog is obviously not there. 

“i’m not enough of a nerd to understand” Fucking SOPA. I stand by the translation I made at the time, what that really meant was “I am not competent to discuss this issue in a professional capacity.”

why leos mood bad during july Oh come now, I haven’t been that bad! But mostly because of the constant heat, the only time I really feel cool enough to function is also the only time I feel cool enough to sleep well, so I don’t get much done. 

brendan o’neill circumcision His argument seemed to boil down to “people’s desire to cut off bits of their babies is more important than the right of said babies to control their bodies, because nazis.” Asshole. 

global flood 2400 bc Seriously, there’s just no way. Consider the food chain: Unless that flood was very brief it would have killed most land-based plants, which all land-based animals depend upon to survive. There wouldn’t be time for that to matter, though, because the predators would eat the herbivores, and then starve. 

slacking off in a weekend Why wait for the weekend?

assholes in congress Ha! That’s redundant!

Well, there’s another month gone. Nothing really jumped out at me as a favorite this time.

I’ll try to get more stuff posted today, but the way things are going I’m not about to make promises. Have a great day!

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