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The post I’ve been working on is taking longer than expected, and I’m getting sick of working on it tonight. But I thought of something neat: MMS can send to email, and WordPress allows posting by email, so it should be possible for me to post from my phone!
Which is what I’m trying now, if you can read this, I’ve successfully posted to my blog from my phone, and that’s awesome.

Dance with me

A friend sent me a link to the AXIS Dance Company. This innovative dance troupe “paved the way for a powerful contemporary dance form called physically integrated dance.” What this means in practice is that about half of the dancers are physically disabled.

It’s a really neat concept, and they do some very creative things. Until you’ve seen a woman spinning on the wheel of an occupied wheelchair lying on its side, you can’t really appreciate it. While many of the individual movements are fascinating to me, the actual performances don’t really interest me that much. I’m not sure if that’s a stylistic thing or if I’m just too much of a philistine to appreciate them. Read the rest of this entry

Random software review

An interesting program I’ve been using for the last few weeks (months? When did I install that thing, anyway?) is the Zim Desktop Wiki, which works pretty much like a cross between a notepad program and a, well, wiki. Making new pages is as simple as linking to ones that don’t exist yet. Linking to a page can be as easy as placing your cursor within a word, pressing ctrl-L, and hitting “enter” twice. (Though usually it takes a little more than that.)

I love it. It’s a little awkward at first, but once you learn the keyboard shortcuts it’s fairly smooth sailing. I used it to keep track of my wanderings through the SubNet Exploration Experience and soon had an in-depth, cross-referenced database of everything I’d found in there.

It even supports tags, which I love in ways that are probably illegal in some states.

I found it in the Ubuntu software repositories when I was looking for pretty much exactly that kind of program, but it also has Mac & even Windows versions for people who use, you know, those sorts of operating systems.

As yet, it has not tried to conquer the Earth. That I’ve noticed, at least.

Twitter has Follow Friday, WordPress should have Subscribe Sunday

As the title says, I think Sunday is a good day to blog about someone else’s blog that I think people should read. So this week I’m going to recommend Pictosociety, a blog based on the age-old game of writing a story by committee.

The rules are here, but in short you read one or more of the stories, then write the next part before the deadline. As an added bit of democracy the entries are voted on to determine which submission becomes the “official” next part of the story.

It’s a fun idea with some neat story seeds, and since the first deadline is tomorrow at midnight British Summer Time, (that’s 4 pm Pacific Daylight Time, Californians) you still have time to participate right from the start. Come play, the more people contributing the more fun it’ll be!

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