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I recently joined the world of smartphones, after having no cellphone for several years, and then the cheapest I could find for a year. It’s interesting, and surprisingly useful, to be able to seatch google at a moment’s notice just about anywhere.
I’m writing this post from my phone. I realize there’s not much content here, but isn’t it just fascinating that I can do this?
Also, I really need to be posting more. I’ve fallen far enough behind on the daily post thing that the real question now is how close can I get to the goal, not whether I can hit 366 posts by year’s end. Perhaps this tool will help, perhaps it’ll just encourage me to fill the blog with noise. We shall see.
Enjoy living in the future.


The post I’ve been working on is taking longer than expected, and I’m getting sick of working on it tonight. But I thought of something neat: MMS can send to email, and WordPress allows posting by email, so it should be possible for me to post from my phone!
Which is what I’m trying now, if you can read this, I’ve successfully posted to my blog from my phone, and that’s awesome.

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