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A day offline

So during the SOPA strike I thought it would be interesting to not only black out my site and not post, but to not use the internet at all. The result is a fascinating lesson in how entwined into my daily life the thing has become.

I had already installed the operating system updates when I realized that counted as “using the internet”. But then I went and installed them on the laptop anyways, because there was security stuff in there.

I settled down to read Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, a book I picked up at a library sale for very cheap and never got around to opening. I had only read a few pages before an interesting math puzzle presented itself to me: How close to Hawaii did ancient explorers have to get before they could see it? Read the rest of this entry

New toys

So several days ago I bought a camcorder. Specifically a Kodak Playsport Zx5, a waterproof HD device the size of a smartphone. You even hold it like a smartphone as you record, which seemed strange to me at first but turns out to be a surprisingly comfortable way to film things.

Am I the only one who uses “film” as a verb meaning to record video in any format, or is that still in common use? Read the rest of this entry

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