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Dulling the Point

So a while back I was making a purchase on Thinkgeek and decided to spend some of my geek points. These are bonus points you accumulate as you buy stuff, that can be used to get more stuff. Kind of like Camel Cash only you’re not destroying your lungs and they’re less likely to quietly shut down the program leaving you with a sack of now worthless paper that you saved up over ten years of throwing your health and money away. Not that I’m bitter.

Anyway, I chose the green mushroom lamp. To be honest it really caught my eye because it was listed twice with two different geek point costs. (And I totally failed to check how many they actually deducted for it. Accounting seems easier when there’s a dollar sign on the numbers.) It’s the perfect sort of purchase for geek points, something I want to check out that I don’t want to spend actual money on.

The best pic my cheap little phone camera could manage.

I like the strange little lamp, and thanks to it I noticed something interesting about the way contrast changes the character of a room.  Read the rest of this entry

New toys

So several days ago I bought a camcorder. Specifically a Kodak Playsport Zx5, a waterproof HD device the size of a smartphone. You even hold it like a smartphone as you record, which seemed strange to me at first but turns out to be a surprisingly comfortable way to film things.

Am I the only one who uses “film” as a verb meaning to record video in any format, or is that still in common use? Read the rest of this entry

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